Friday, March 11, 2011

dispatch maryland

In case you were wondering what your legislators were doing today, here's a dispatch from Maryland, where marriage equality passed the Senate and has a Governor willing to sign the bill into law. Should be easy, right? Wrong.

Why? Because one Democrat objects to the term marriage and will not vote for the bill now. She tried to amend it so that it was a "civil union" because,
It's all about the word of God. It truly is."
Apparently, her God can be placated by semantics. I mean, she doesn't want to change the law, just the title. I imagine her standing at the pearly gates saying, "Oh, no God, it wasn't marriage it was a civil union...see?" That doesn't even get into the fact that this woman thinks her view of what God wants should have ANYTHING to do with what my government allows me to do or not do. There's a difference between letting your faith influence you and letting it dictate politics.

After her comes a Republican who, from what he says, wants marriage equality...just not yet. He says that allowing it to be a "civil union" would be a "bridge" to equality. Baby steps, right? But why? Why bother? If you think that something is right, if you think that it's inevitable, why bother throwing up road blocks? He's acting like a three year old gripping the hand rails on the way to bed because he doesn't want to go to sleep yet. The only difference is instead of a child pissing himself, he's a grown-assed man who is supposed to be legislating--protecting minorities instead of oppressing them.


Blogger -GRC said...

I'm so disappointed in my state on this one. I'm glad I live in one of the more (if not the most) liberal counties in the state, but their representation wasn't enough. I could go on on my opinion of people that are dragging God and religion into lawmaking or how some minorities think it is acceptable to want to put this on a ballot for a majority vote...but you know the deal.
I thought it would pass. I was hoping.

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