Thursday, March 17, 2011

From what I gather in the news, it seems to me GOV Brown is doing some good things in California. To sum it up, he has made some cuts (some difficult ones) and is asking the state to vote on raising taxes. It's a fair way to do what is hard to do, and it should be an easy enough proposition--do the voters want to tax themselves to close the budget gap, or would they rather reform entitlements and spending to a degree largely unseen in the state. Republican lawmakers, however, are holding up a vote, deciding that they know better than the people.

Now, I know this may seem a hypocritical way of looking at things, considering my applauding the Senate Majority leader of Illinois for doing just this (being smarter than the voters). However, when someone prevents a vote on individual rights and freedoms, that, to me, is good governence. When someone prevents a vote on funding and budgets--that's obstructionism. Context matters, and in the case of California, it's time we were allowed to vote.


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