Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sharon Angle?

I am asking the following question in all seriousness--

For those of you who read this, either here or on Facebook, who support Sharon Angle, do you honestly believe she will be a good, informed Senator, or do you simply believe that ANYONE is better than Harry Reid?

If it is the first, please explain to me WHY you believe she will be a good, informed Senator. If it is the second, please explain to me how it is possible to overlook her obvious ignorance and racism when voting her to a six year position as one of 100 lawmakers.

I ask this because I feel like America is in a bad case of low EQ right now, where we do not seem to understand that immediate satisfaction ("throw the bastards out") has lasting impacts (a Senate with members like Angle, O'Donnell, Miller, Paul etc.).

These people have shown either woeful ignorance about basic governing fundamentals, or worse, purposeful hypocrisy in explaining what they might do. Moreover, while they each claim they will somehow magically balance the budget and lower the deficit without doing anything but lowering taxes (minus Paul who actually has outlined a plan), most of them have simultaneously shown a desire to make American Foreign Policy entirely MORE hawkish than it is while demonstrating they know little to nothing about the world outside their own state borders, let alone international relations.

My point? I use Sharon Angle as an example because O'Donnell is entirely too easy a target (and I promised not to write about her again)--if you are voting for Angle, you are saying, in essence, that a rhetorical vote for "lowering the deficit" is worth putting someone in office who is anti-gay rights, anti-women's rights, ignorant of international relations and ignorant of American Political Fundamentals.

Even if I granted that Angle has some magical idea to lower the deficit (which I do not...but for the sake of argument, I will), is that REALLY enough reason to vote for her? It seems, to me at least, to take "single issue voter" to an entirely new, and ridiculous, level.

So the question of my friends who will vote her--am I missing something that makes a vote for Angle less ridiculously outlandish than I've made it out above? Please let me know. And no, this is not a rhetorical question, I would like SOMEONE to please explain the madness to me.


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