Saturday, January 10, 2009

So I'm learning about office politics and leadership and people while over here (and yes, I realize those are strange things to learn about while at "war," but I'm removed from the war by a huge burm that makes everything on the other side seem as distant as home for the time being, so until then, dispatches from my desk...)

For example, there is a very low correlation between the amount of work one is perceived to do and the amount of work one does. There are those who look like all they do is work, work, work, and then you realize after a while how much they doddle about and check email and make small talk and waste hours at their desks...but it appears as though they're working. There are those who work before and after others work, and get a lot done, but the perception is, since they're there when no one else is, they're not working.

Another thing I've noticed is the startling ability of people to simply not do things. For example, if told, "find out x from Mr. x" they will simply send Mr. X an email and that's it. No follow through, no response, as though what you had told them was "send Mr. x an email." I wonder if things were like this before electronic communication. If, forty years ago, I had told someone, "find out x" would I get an answer a week later, "well, I yelled into his office...he hasn't said anything back yet."


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