Monday, August 20, 2007

the last two months...

Some of you may have noticed a lack of recent updates. As things go, I have been in Oklahoma. I will not take the time to recount what all I did over the eight weeks, but trust me that they were a long eight weeks. Luckily, Pat and Mikey were in Oklahoma with me, so we had a good time whenever we weren't training (and we could pull Mikey away from his cell...)

After training was over the three of us drove down to Houston to see Kristie. It was her thirtieth birthday and we celebrated in a fashion appropriate for our last night together. Some years ago, Kristie lived in San Francisco. Me and some of my Army friends drove to see her on Easter and another weekend and things were tense. Her husband wasn't all that interested in seeing us and things were just overall awkard.

Now, five years later, a new city, a new husband, and a new set of friends and things could not have possibly been any less awkward. It seems that sometime over the last few months, all the worries I had about my sisters and mom have passed away. They can take care of themselves (and are doing so remarkably well), if only I could grow up and start making proper adult decisions myself, I'll be set.

I would write more, but after the eleven hour drive only to have my car break in the last five minutes, I'm tired. Wish me luck tomorrow in the hopes that the car is drivable and cheap enough for me to pay to have fixed.


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