Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BCS Game and Natl. Anthem

I was able to sing the National Anthem w/ the West Point Glee Club in Arizona this weekend. That was probably the second coolest thing I've gotten to do since I've been here (the first being the superbowl). Here is a short photo and video trip down memory lane:
The stadium looked kind of like an aluminum barn which landed from the moon in the middle of the desert. Not so spectacular from the outside.

I am not such a sports fan, so, my friend claimed me as an Ohio State fan and gave me an ill fitting hat. I threw it on backwards and sideways in an attempt to look as hip and cool as possible, but only succeeded in looking 12. Yes, 12.

Here's me and Andy Moore with our tickets and backstage passes in front of locker number 7...we graduate in '07, so we were excited (as you can tell by the thumbs up.)

This was the first #1 sports fan I saw. He was trying to buy a, unless he finally found one, he got all painted up to watch from home.
This guy was another #1 sports fan. I'm going to bet he felt silly walking home like that after the game.
This young fella was the first #1 sportsfan from the Florida side of the house I saw. Luckily, it was hot, so he wasn't too uncomfortable I don't think.

All things considered, it was a fun trip. The videos below are of right after Florida scored, and then the stadium after the game...pretty cool the cops and confetti, no?

I pointed out to one of the cops that they were surrounding the losing side, and that it's not the losers who often storm the field. He said they were more worried about Ohio State than Florida...didn't say why though. Odd.


Blogger Alex said...

I don't have any stats on this, but I think Midwestern sportsfans are the most likely to require cops in riot gear. They certainly frighten me.

8:35 AM  

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