Monday, December 04, 2006

Army Football Rivalry...

Everyone knows the Army/Navy game is the biggest of the year. I have had the *ahem* privledge of attending five Army Navy games now. Over those five games, I have seen army ahead by score twice, both first quarter this year and last, and have never seen an Army win.

Everywhere here are things that say "Beat Navy". Our orange juice, our buildings, our freshman...everything. Don't know the answer on a test? Write "Beat Navy!" you'll probably get a point at least.

Why do I write this? Because sitting through another cold, Army loss is the most dissapointing feeling ever. Watching the middies across the way excited and jubilant that they won, especially this year, knowing that I am now one of two classes to never experience that over the four years at the academy (five for me, counting prep school) is utterly crushing. I will now never know what "Beat Navy" really means as it's just a saying to me, a cliche. It's one experience of Academy life that I have now missed out on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my 5 years of college from 1987 to 1991, head coach Mike Sheppard lead New Mexico to a 9-50 record. In one game, Fresno State scored 94 points against New Mexico. Yes thats right, 94 points in FOOTBALL!! However, in those 5 years, New Mexico still managed a 4-1 record against New Mexico State. The Aggies were Mike Sheppard's bitch!! So I guess I did get to know and feel "Beat State!" But trust me, it wasn't all that.

Curiously enough, Mike Sheppard went on to become the San Diego Charger's offensive coordinator from 1997-1998. San Diego finished that season at 4-12.

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Blogger Adam said...

I know, I know...a lot of people have tried to make me feel better. A lot of people have told me about their college rivals. I guess the difference is, when I graduate, I wont leave the Army, and the Army/Navy game is still talked about. I mean, hell, I just read on the Navy homepage all these quotes from grads about how it's "the only thing they remember about school...the elation felt after winning" and it's know, another experience I didn't have here.

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