Thursday, October 19, 2006

Of Cloves and Beaches...

Years ago, there was a beach that Adam and I would frequent. Often, we would pack sandwiches and take beer with us. Lee occassionally came, but not often. It was nestled behind the strip mall in monterey and across the freeway and required a small amount of obstacle negotiation to arrive at...but, it was secluded and quiet and empty. It was, in essence, our beach. We would read, or listen to the waves, and I would brown while Adam burned. One day, he came to me and said, "I took (enter girls name here) to the beach." It was awkward because, he knew how I would feel about it, or he wouldn't have thought it worth mentioning...and yet, I couldn't very well fault him. Had I someone to take, I would have also.

I gave another friend his first clove a few weeks ago and took him to my smoking spot...both actually. Both are relatively perfect. Secluded and quiet, both overlook the Hudson River and, if it's snowing or warm, it's a great place to enjoy the weather. Both are dark, and when you light your cigarette, create lighting that makes anyone look good, if just for the amount of time the flame is at your chin. Tonight, he IM'ed me, "I finished the cloves with (enter girls name here)."

While not completely parallel does leave me to wonder when my turn to appropriate situations will be.


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