Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Weekend...

It all began this morning around 0700 after I got home at 0230 in the morning from Boulder. (A quick side-note about Boulder, it's a great city I would love to live in someday.) Our flight left an hour late and our driver showed up an hour late turning what should have been a six hour trip into over an eight hour trip. I am on duty today. This means I had to watch supervise as people walked in circles. I did that for a few hours, sitting in my room and going outside every hour to watch circles...and then tried to watch Army Football--not a pasttime I would reccomend. I am going to head out to the Texas Tailgate tonight, in uniform, sober. Yeah...that's about the way my week is going.


Blogger Alex said...

If you like Boulder you love Madison, Wisconsin! Come visit me and we'll have some great beer and steaks!

9:05 PM  

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