Monday, October 16, 2006


I watched a real life movie…well, not really. Today, we drove back from College Park MD, where we’d stayed in Adam and Walker’s apartment for the night. After seeing Adam off to class and going to breakfast, we picked up another cadet to give her a ride to school. Here is where it turned into a movie…

I was in and out of sleep the whole time as I was sitting in the back, so, I only got snippets of conversation and whatever was playing on the radio and passing by the windows then fell back asleep. I heard the asinine conversation they shared and the glances between the two which intimated at something more—a furtive brush of the cheek by the back of her hand or toss of the hair. I would sleep and awake to find laughter about nothing special and go back to sleep. In essence, the ride home was a real life montage of the beginnings of a relationship…or, if not a relationship, at least a few non-committal make out sessions.


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