Sunday, February 12, 2006

Middle America...

I went to Upstate New York today, a very "middle America" kind of place where the school is k-12 and everyone knows everyone. It's an annual trip the glee club takes and it's always kind of strange. Because we go every year, it's like seeing life in stop motion photography. Same people, just a year older...and what happens in a year is always interesting. There are births, deaths, marriages and other things that you know happen to everyone, but, when you don't hear anything and get it all at once, it can be both shocking and interesting.

The family I stayed with my freshman year lost their son to a drowning since I was last there. They've moved out of the house they were in when I first stayed with them and their daughter, who was a freshman in high school, is now a junior. She's all grown up and woman-like now, which is odd.

This year, I stayed with a really old couple who are very nice. They made me sandwiches of meat and bread and stayed in the room with a fireplace and read the National Geographic or Barak Obama's book most of the time. We watched the opening of the Olympics and me and the father sat in front of the TV for womens ice hockey. We both slept and snored until we scored, then we'd wake up, try and figure out what just happened and pretend not to be asleep.

I ate Cranberry Gravy for the fist time.


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