Saturday, January 14, 2006

One Of Those Days...

It's the first day of a three day weekend but I didn't want to spend too much money, so I stayed home. I woke up when my roomate began to dress for a big day of baptising dead people at the tabernacle and layed in bed listening to the horrendous rain for about three hours. I only got out of bed when I had to go to lunch. (the good news here is, after three years, they've changed the rules and in our "cadet casual uniform" which is basically khaki pants, a polo, belt and shoes, now men as well as women can wear sandals, instead of just women as before.) After lunch, my friend Mel asked if I wanted to go to the mall to catch a movie. I said sure and we headed off.

Our taxi driver was one of those people who will prompt me to be a standoff-ish asshole to most everyone I meet for a while. You see, he seemed cool at first, talkative and "normal" compared to most cab drivers I've gotten here, so we let him in on our conversation. But, his personality was a bit...overbearing, to say the least. You see, by letting him in, we encouraged, by the time the 45 minute drive to the mall was near its end, I was just clawing at the windows to escape the clutches of his racist sexist slimeball personality. I played dead (asleep) the whole way home.

When we got to the theatre, despite my best intentions, everyone wanted to see Hostel. I knew what it was going to be, and I was right. It's a shitty shitty movie that's all about gore and torture with little to no real value, plot, character, setting or direction (imagine, say...The Passion...just if it wasn't Jesus, but someone you don't care as much about).

After watching two hours of toe cutting, beheading, razor wielding, shooting BS, Mel and I cruised the mall for a bit. There was nothing to buy and I needed nothing, so we just talked, which was cool (Mel's a cool chick). We ate dinner and came home. I borrowed Mel's computer since my video card doesn't work, but forgot to get her code, so now her computer is sitting here like an overly-priced paper weight and I'm not watching a movie.

None of my usual blog reads are updated.
Nothing new in the news.

My mom called from one of my best friend's wedding party, which I couldn't attend, so I could hear my other friend give the toast. That made me a little sad. That and the snow falling outside...

So, congrats married fool. Below the picture is a blog post my sister wrote about being married that made me both happy and jealous.

(I kept her spelling the same as I find her writing is part of her charm...)

Resently Ive realized how much my head plays tricks on me. Seeing as sometimes I can completly forget how amazing my husband is and be convinced he doesnt like me. Its stupid realy. Ive learned how much I read too far into things and how much I can contrive problems all in my head that will than become a real problem because I make it one. This blog is dedicated to the dedicated man who through all of my accusations of "not loving" or "trying to be meen", has never actualy not loved me or tried to be meen to me. In fact he has continued to care about me as much as when we got married. Which as some of you know who knew us than thats a lott. So thank you shamus for the following :Dancing all the way to school cause you know Im watching just to make me happy.Never ever wishing I was someone else.always pushing me to do the things I enoy like sewing, painting, going for walks, making stuff, working on prodjects, when I tend to always do anything but that and then get deppressed because Im not being myself anymore.Getting excited just to spend time with me.Writing little notes in my lunch box or putting pictures in it when Im sad to go to work.There is much more but ill spare the other readers. So thank you again to my husband for showing me how great marraige can be.


Blogger Al said...

Hey, my Friday afternoon was ruined by having to listen to an old man spew racist bullshit too! Maybe we should be friends! Except in my case it was no taxi driver, it was a respected organic farmer and local bussiness owner, who told me rather heatedly that if the community garden is going to benefit Mexicans I shouldn't bother, because they get enough handouts already. Talk about demoralizing.

9:58 PM  

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