Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

  1. Army, we didn't lose, we got our fucking asses handed to us, yet again, in football. This is the fourth consecutive loss to Navy who, en masse, are the most arrogant and useless of "military" types I've ever dealt with and watching them win over us is like watching your drug addicted cousin hit your mother in the's that insulting. No one in their status deserves the pride, pleasure and credit for winning, especially considering they're not even that good...we're just that bad.
  2. I talked to a friend who quit and is now going to BC where he works for a refugee resettling NGO. He's happy, he's fufilled and he's better looking than me. Bastard.
  3. This is the only thing that made me feel a little better tonight...

I know, I know...not all that impressive. But still, I made him bleed and they had to stop the fight (if you listen closely, you can hear his corner guy say, "Oh shit...he's bleeding.")

Chuck has set the bar:

  1. I will keep my mother happy, especially keeping her from being frustrated by her computers.
  2. I will keep my room clean, my bicycles and car well-maintained, and my house clean.
  3. I will schedule all of my daily activities and refrain from wasting time.
  4. I will not start unscheduled activities without good reason.
  5. I will keep a budget, record my spending without relying on online banking, and stick to my budget.
  6. I will pay off my student loan.I will maintain a prioritized list of research activities and meet deadlines to demonstrate progress to my advisor.
  7. I will not be dependent on my advisor for direction and motivation in my research.
  8. I will find a girlfriend who I will care deeply about while keeping my life balanced.
  9. I will read non-engineering material every day for half an hour.
  10. I will do the exercises every day that are supposed to straighten out my back.
  11. I will start my homework on the day it is assigned, and finish it no later than the day before it is due.
  12. I will bike to and from school every day, regardless of the weather, and decline rides unless my immune system is lowered.
  13. I will climb at least twice a week, run 6 miles at least twice a week, and bike 50 miles or do an equivalent activity every weekend.
  14. I will use computers efficiently, being careful to differentiate work activities from learning how to use new software for fun.
  15. I will drink either in frugal moderation or heavily but responsibly, as is warranted by the occasion.


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