Sunday, December 04, 2005

Judge Roy Brown...

Judge Roy Moore, if anyone outside the Bible Belt remembers him, is the Ex-Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who put the multi-ton monument to the ten commandments in his courtroom, was told to remove it by the Supreme Court (US), refused and was subsequently removed from his position. Unfortunately, he is a West Point grad and is positioned to become Governer of Alabama on a platform of (*suprise) Guns, Gays and God.

He has sponsored a bill for the US House that attempts to not only limit the jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court to bar it to hear any cases regarding the establishment clause (which protects the wall between church and state) and would also force the Court to make decision based only on the text of the more referring to precedent set by other cases, treaties, executive orders, international agreements or anything else that the Constitution specifically states "under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby"

These people, like Judge Roy Moore and others, are so desperate to try and fix religion in the government, they are willing to thrash the entire legal history of the United States and the Constitution itself, refighting battles they lost at the writing of the Constitution (to include God as our source of Law and institute a Judeo-Christian form of governence). The sad part is, the majority of Americans don't know the history, don't understand the legality and simply hear the rhetoric that those of us who believe in the freedom to worship as we see fit are "god haters" or athiests whose sole purpose is to destroy religion in America.

I tend to believe like Roosevelt (both of them), Jefferson and others who felt that the intertwining of religion and politics was not only bad for politics, but for religion as well. For examples, see the Catholic Church in all it's glory and misery over the years. Anytime the Church aligns itself politically (in the sense it becomes the established doctrine) only bad can come of it. When, however, it works to change politics from the outside, it can work and the Church is stronger for it (see Poland).


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