Friday, December 02, 2005

Liberals at West Point??

My friend Amit is really into this girl he met. She, however, is dead set against the military and has strong reservations about even setting foot on a military post if not to protest it. He and I have been talking for hours on how to validate our lives to her, at least enough that she'd feel good about being a part of his (which, I think, should be sign enough for her that, job or not, this kid is damn near in love with her to go through all this). So, one day, he comes into my room and says, "can I borrow your books?" I said "sure" without questioning because, one, people always borrow my books and two, I was asleep.
Turns out, he had an idea...he wanted to take some pictures of himself in uniform with "thought books" as in, books that prove people here do think for themselves. I guess he could have used this one from last year with me and Kyle:

Instead, Amit went for this one he took of himself:

That book on his left, our right "The New American Militarism"...great book. I highly reccomend it. It's written by a West Point grad, and I have a signed copy. I email the author occassionaly and he's been gracious enough to write back each time when I have questions or thoughts.


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