Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Repeal Capps

Pretty pitch perfect ad--and by pitch perfect I mean tone-deaf.

Why? OK, because people who are worried about the effects of Obamacare and who followed it for repeal are already on that "side", so having a wealthy looking blond woman in front of her Mac, on her iPhone in a gilded leather chair doing what appears to be important and upper-class work wont really convince anyone who looks at her and thinks "wow, what a nice office she has, it's like my boss's."

Moreover, for the NRCC, who has endorsed Paul Ryan's plan to dismantle Medicaid and Medicare as we know it to put out an ad that uses the "Obamacare cuts Medicare" scare tactic is pretty dishonest. It's like democrats running ads against Romney saying, "Romney's tax plan would RAISE taxes!"


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