Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wha happened???

Another short note--I have been and continue to slack--

But, who would have thought four years ago that:

  1. Wisconsin would be the political epicenter of America (because of this, this, this and this)...

  2. A Republican controlled State Senate might double the number of gays and lesbians allowed to marry... (Sure, completely divided by party lines, but still...it IS a Republican controlled State Senate.)

  3. That Obama would be running afoul of the War Powers Act by expanding us involvement in two more countries...

  4. That Republicans would be voting to limit Presidential authority...

Things change incredibly fast, and if you weren't paying attention, your head might be spinning.

Oh, and John Huntsman is the first Republican to run for President in a while I really like. Here's to hoping he doesn't take a turn for the crazy to out-crazy the rest of the primary contenders in order to get the nomination.


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