Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blue Texas?

Just a short note as I have to run, but there is a development in Texas that I think could change the next elections quite drastically. If Rick Perry runs for President, and General Sanchez runs for Senator, depending upon how the economy in Texas is a year from now (with all the cuts the Republicans have been passing there to education and health benefits), it could be a game changer.

Hear me out--I don't particularly like Sanchez (I don't know much about him other than Abu Gharib happened under his watch), however, let's face it--he's Mexican. There are a LOT of Latinos in Texas and like it or not, identity politics still plays a roll. Combine that with anger over how things are going in Texas, a fired-up Democratic base, and you could have the makings of a Texas going damn-near blue in the next Presidential elections.

My first inclination was to say "No Way", but then I remembered that Perry is no Bush. He's not all "folksy" (even though he did assume the crappy fake accent). He's more like the Mitt Romney, Texas version. What I mean is, he's too slick for most of the Texans I met (even outside of Austin) to really love him as emblematic of Texas. And, if Democrats can manage to tap into the Millions of eligible Latino voters, while also banking on Sanchez to drive them to the polls...who know??


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