Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mary's Be a GoodDog Blog: Kansas State University Graduation 2011: phelps-we...

A couple of weekends ago, me, Jeremy and Shanon went to K-State's graduation to help counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church. The local LGBT group sponsored it, but a lot of others showed up as well. The local Christian Biker's Club, some local families and others all showed up. We stood in front of them telling people "Congratulations" and "Have a good day!" just to help drown out the hate of the Westboro guys.

Some good pictures here of the whole thing...including my awesome BEAR!


Blogger Katy said...

There are about 100 awesome pics of bear. very large pics! i will post some on the women's center "date with hate" photos and the Pets We Love photo album on staff page next week, but can email some to you directly if you like. And- I will make a Bear Post with large pics tomorrow on the blog. It was a lovely day last saturday, wasn't it!

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