Friday, November 19, 2010

honesty is too much for some...

What's it like to be a Catholic, gay teenager today? This boy talks about it.

His article was written for his high school newspaper, but the school, a Catholic school, later took it down from their website. Why? I'm not sure. The Catholic Church teaches that being gay is not a sin, but that acting on it is. He criticized the Arch Bishop for spending funds on a campaign against equality in civil marriage, but even that doesn't go against Catholic teachings.

All I can imagine is the simple admission that someone is gay, and the plea to make their lives better, is considered antithetical to the school's teaching. While the Church says otherwise, it remains virulently homophobic and will continue to bleed members until it changes into the loving church that it claims to preach.

It's pathetic this high school found this boys honesty to be potentially damaging to his peers and shows the fear that the Church has of simple, human truth.


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