Monday, August 30, 2010

smart politics

Here is a post by Connor Friesdorf that echoes something I'd written about previoiusly. The money quote is here:

It is to our collective benefit that the competing ideological factions in the United States operate as the best versions of themselves... on the whole our ideological opponents are more help than hindrances compared to a world where they didn't exist.

The problem today is that the Republicans (not Conservatives, as there are still Conservatives in the world who are no longer part of the Republican Party) have completely abandoned their responsability to be a useful and informed opposition party. This is why the problems, the bad ideas, of the Democrats have been unopposed by those in position to stop them. Ideological opposition to EVERYTHING Democrats have proposed has allowed EVERYTHING they have proposed to pass. Instead of picking their battles, they (R's) have chosen instead to opt to lose the war and hope to win the next.

This is bad in the long run, but will yield electoral dividends, further pushing us to a system where election is simply a process to determine who gets re-elected next time, not who legistlates now.


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