Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Alexandra Rosenberg

Alex's sister was my classmate who had been in my company for Beast Barracks. A smart, funny girl as well. I was lucky enough to meet Alex last summer when she was at Fort Hood for some training and we were able to float the Guadalupe River together (a favorite hobby of mine...if floating can be a hobby).

I couldn't help but post this...another person I know who is more inspiring and successful than I could ever be. Congratulations to her, one of Glamour Magazine's Top Ten Collegiate Women.

Below is the write-up the Dean (intellectual rock-star he is) posted to facebook:
Our cadets earn recognition across the country and around the world for many different achievements. Recently, Glamour Magazine named Cadet Alex Rosenberg, Class of 2010, one of the Top 10 College Women of the Year. Alex is an amazing cadet and a terrific student -- she is number one academically in her class (of over 1000 cadets), with a Grade Point Average over 4.2. She is majoring in Sociology but is also taking additional courses in Chemistry and Life Sciences to prepare her for medical school, because Alex, who aspires to be an Army doctor, was just recommended for our Medical School Program following graduation.

This is far from the only honor that Alex has earned. Last year she was selected for a Truman Scholarship for graduate studies. Her academic program score, an amazing 4.27, includes two perfect semesters with all A+ grades. Alex has personally tutored other cadets for hundreds of hours in Chemistry, Chinese, and English, and she developed a company-wide tutoring program that helped her cadet company raise their academic standing significantly. She volunteers for Big Brothers and Big Sisters as well as at Tripler Hospital in Hawaii the summer before last, and scored a 353 (on a 300 scale) on her most recent Army Physical Fitness Test. This past summer, Alex spent seven weeks doing volunteer work on Crossroads Africa. It's no wonder that Glamour Magazine selected her for this honor.

Alex is not the first cadet to be selected in this category -- Erica Watson, Class of 2001, was one of Glamour's Top 10 College Women in her senior year. Erica was also selected for a Rhodes Scholarship that year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the use of a "recognition" from a beauty magazine to a college student. Why she participates for Hawaii when she is from New York, of course it is easier like that.

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