Monday, October 27, 2008

IM conversation with an old cadet friend...

Man, I miss the days when I was surrounded with people who could talk and joke politics with me. I really's a short conversation over AIM tonight w/ an old friend that made me laugh:

other guy (9:13:27 PM): another random thought (watching the Palin interview); Ahmidenijad isn't a dictator, and isn't even the power center of that country

CaliCdt (9:14:40 PM): Ahmedenijad is a dictator and the great history of this country...and...the great Ronald Reagan.

CaliCdt (9:14:49 PM): I tried to respond in a Palin-esque manner...did it work?

other guy (9:15:20 PM): thank you Miss South Carolina

CaliCdt (9:16:32 PM): ha ha, the sad part about it uh...sounds kinda like her real answers. And yes, her and Ms. South Carolina are sadly similar in their interview styles

CaliCdt (9:16:46 PM): you can see their wheels turning, "remember to say Iraq...and health care...."

other guy (9:17:30 PM): the difference is Ms. South Carolina was punished for her answer


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