Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now in TX

I realize my blog has, of late, become a bit of a downer. I feel like I'm writing about death too often, but it's not really something I have much control over (death, not the writing). I'm sure things will pick up soon and I'll be writing about wrapping and presents and songs and Christmas lights soon enough.

I'm in TX now, but not a Texan. Trying to find a place to live is difficult as I've never set foot near Fort Hood. I think I might drive over there tomorrow or the next day and see what there is and where I want to live. It seems, thus far, that every apartment is the same. If I had a roommate, I could split a house with someone or a nicer two bedroom apartment, but I don't. I realized after I chose Hood that there are only one or two good friends of mine going out this way too even though about half my class had posted here.

Anyway, my Aunt and Uncle are here at my sister's house and we're doing our family Christmas today. Should be a good time before I embark on the great apartment hunt. Wish me luck.


Blogger Alex said...

Good luck! See you in FB, I hope. I'll be coming down there on the 29th.

7:09 PM  
Blogger TimFS4 said...

Adam, I'll be in Austin in a couple of days; I'll give you a call.

11:57 PM  

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