Monday, May 21, 2007

Five and a butt days...

Until I graduate...

I'm so excited/nervous/happy/sad that I feel like a kid the night before Christmas, but it's still five days away. I couldn't sleep last night. I stayed awake thinking of everything I have to get done still, everything I'm doing aftewards, the fact my mom is going to be here in a matter of hours that I didn't fall asleep until 2 AM. Then, I woke up at five without being able to fall asleep again...just like a kid who wakes up knowing there are presents under the tree and I wanted to run through the hallways saying, "Santa came, Santa came!" but, instead of Santa with presents, it will be Dick Cheney with my diploma!


Blogger Alex said...

Hmm, Dick Cheney as Santa--kind of a disturbing image to have in my head. Ah, I remember the week before graduating. At one point I was so wired up and full of conflicting emotions that when someone asked me if I was excited I just sat down on her bed and started crying. I guess you can't do that because you're all tough and what not, but I'm just saying I think I know a little bit of what you mean.

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