Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's in a name??

Democratic politicians in the South have been defecting to the Republican party exacerbating the losses of NOV 2. While this sounds bad, on its face, for Democrats, I really don't care. After all, Democrats are served well by losing people who say things like:
Democrats have now become the party of the [Atlanta] metro area and of blacks. That’s not to be derogatory. It’s just what it is.
to the other party. The South can continue to vote against its economic and political interests in favor of divisive social issues which they will lose in the long run. While doing so, they will condemn the Republican party to irrelevance and force it to reevaluate. We may see a resurgence of Conservativism despite Republicanism, if all goes well. Until then, I say good riddance to those who would abandon their party to get a coveted R after their names and look forward to the rise of a new Democratic Party in the South and a new Conservative party everywhere else.


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