Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kevin Anderson

I don't know much about College sports other than I like to watch. And, over the years, I've been following Army, of course. Today, I was wondering though...why hasn't anyone called for Kevin Anderson's head? He's a great guy, and has one of the nicest wives I've ever met at West Point. I was able to be their escort for one of our class dinners years ago (I think it was my Sophomore year, but I'm not sure). But still, Army hasn't had a winning season over Navy across the board since he's been Athletic Director. Army Football has gone through more coaches than players and the final bad decision (at least in my eyes) was those damn stupid "Enforcer" Jerseys that Army was able to play to the first shutout in thirty years wearing.

I like Kevin Anderson...I'd love to sit and have a barbecue with the guy again...but maybe, as we all learned in school...

There is no substitute for Victory


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