Wednesday, November 05, 2008

why 8 passed...

Here is an IM conversation between a conservative gay friend of mine that we had on Friday:

CaliCdt (3:51:06 PM): have you donated to no on 8 yet?

J (3:52:04 PM): i know that its not going to pass already

J (3:52:04 PM): lol

J (3:52:09 PM): why donate

J (3:52:10 PM): lol

CaliCdt (3:52:27 PM): you realize how close it is right?

J (3:52:45 PM): its a blue state, how canit be?

J (3:53:05 PM): blue state, and Obama is against it

J (3:53:23 PM): the black voters will do as Obama tells them

J (3:53:32 PM): dont worry, it will not pass

J (3:53:33 PM): lol

Apathy kills.


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