Sunday, September 14, 2008

Military 101...

A few years ago, Mikey, my roommate, and I decided to start a two man book club. It lasted one book. That book, however, was amazing and spurred the two of to discussion and thought. We wrote the author, we talked about it in class, with our professors and with friends. My signed copy still sits nicely near my bed. The New American Militarism is a book that, when I read it, opened my eyes. I cannot say I agree with it all, but I can say it has probably colored everything I've thought of since in one way or another.

Andrew Bacevich, the author, is also a West Point graduate. I like the fact he's a graduate because in his book he outlines very strongly for the abolition (or, at least, changes so drastic that it would no longer have any semblance of the place it currently is) of the Military Academy and the other Service Academies. For those who often assume that all graduates think alike since we are all or were once Officers, he serves as a good counter point.

He has written an article in the Atlantic that I have not yet finished reading but am already willing to recommend you read as well. It discusses the changes in the Officer Corps, in the policy debates and issues surrounding the use of force and, a topic he writes about frequently, the relationship between military decision makers and political policy makers. It should be read by anyone who is voting, by anyone who is making decisions and by anyone who, please...


The Petreaus Doctrine


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