Friday, September 05, 2008

Reena and Amit's engagement party...

I went to Chicago last weekend for Amit and Reena's engagement party and what a trip that was! I saw Jacob again and we took the city by storm. There were amazing restaurants in Chicago and a lot of culture. The Millennium Park, despite the easily dated name, is amazing and the public art there is surprisingly engaging. From there, we went to a museum to see a retrospective on Marilyn Monroe (because it was free) but, upon entering the Chicago Cultural Center, we heard applause and stumbled upon a free performance of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which we stayed for.

There were two parties for the engagement, one of which I was able to wear traditional Indian garb for. Most of the West Point cats did, other than Casey, who looked silly in a suit compared to the rest of us. Hopefully better pictures will come out soon. The second night, there was a boat tour around the city, fireworks, an open bar, a photo booth and lots of dancing, followed by drinking at a bar downtown and more dancing. Overall, it was not just the first engagement party I've been to, but easily the one to beat in the future. I can't wait for the wedding...whenever that is!


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