Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Decemberists and an October Highway...

This late in the game, it's difficult to focus on school work. My grades wont affect my job and only have limited effect on my post. That being the case, when I had planned to begin a paper due on Friday tonight, I changed my plans. Tim wanted to purchase the new Decemberists CD, so I weighed my options...do some work that wont matter in two years, or, hang out with Tim and have some fun we might remember when we're old and grey...

decision made.

We took off in pursuit of the album stopping first at Target (where I had to fight the urge to but clothes as I've recently decided that I will not purchase any more clothing until graduation). They did not carry it. Tim bought a blue zippered hoodie with no logo...a purchase I strongly supported. I bought a small Pizza Hut pizza (something I was more conflicted about).

We took off to Best Buy where Tim was certain we'd find it, but the New York road system was our sworn enemy. Tim, without the aid of a map, was sure he knew which way the freeway was. He found it, eventually, but what he didn't find was an onramp. Backtrack we did, for about ten minutes, and got on the freeway where we'd left it. We drove another fifteen minutes until I thought we were lost and eventually found Best Buy. There was, however, no off-ramp. We took another off-ramp and tried to backtrack to Best Buy to no avail. We re-rentered the freeway in the opposite direction, passed Best Buy again and got off to find ourselves on yet another freeway in the wrong direction. Tim did a U-turn and we went back exiting the initial freeway at a different point. We took two turn and ended out, again, back on the same freeway in the opposite direction passing Best Buy yet again.

At this point, we cut our losses, drove back to school, ate Tacos and drank beer. Thank God for beer...makes even a night of driving in circles with a friend worth remembering.


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