Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fun lil' read for lunch

Your lunchtime roundup of what I'm reading:
  1. Some lawmakers in Tennessee, who have spent so long trying to create religious law in their state, are now worried that it just may happen--only the "wrong" religion, so are trying to outlaw Sharia Law. You see, if you would just settle for the good ol' Constitution and its ban on any religious test, then you wouldn't have to go trying to pass redundant bills. But, if you're trying to have your cake and eat it too, well, that's a little harder. My question is, what if you accidentally practice Sharia law?? I mean, Jews don't eat pork either, but that's Halal, part of Sharia! So...are Jews breaking the law by following Sharia on accident?
  2. A LOT of good information coming out of Wisconsin. First, the Governor warns of "dire consequences" if his union busting antics aren't passed to solve the budget crisis. But then, out comes information that Public Sector workers are compensated LESS than private sector workers. So, Unions volunteered to go along with the pension and health care deductions, giving GOV Walker what he wanted, but he said NO. Because, as he'd later reveal in private conversation with Tea Party funder Steve Koch, his real aim is to crush Unions, period--he'd even considered doing some illegal things to make it happen. Oh, but it wasn't really Steve Koch, it was a liberal commedian pretending to be. Oops.
  3. Glen Beck, a guy who thinks Google is in cahoots with anti-war protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow--the world and his show--or something like that, called Fareed Zakaria an idiot. Yeah, that just happened.
  4. A list of the top ten polluting states--you'll find most of them have Governors with R's in front of them and are very concerned not with the health of their children, but the birthrate of their embryos and protecting someone from Sharia Law. I shouldn't have been so harsh--they do care about babies. That's why they're now fighting against funding the Consumer Product Safety Commissions new website that would let you see how many children have died from a toy, carseat or stroller before you buy one--so while they may not be protected against lead in their pacifiers or cribs that will break their necks, but they'll at least have no pesky government oversight to worry about!
  5. Lastly, the CBO estimates about the cost of repealing health care are out. It will add something ridiculous to the deficit. So, while the Republicans vowed to do nothing that would add to the defecit, they left out this peach. It's a little like when I was in third grade and my dad said we couldn't afford to buy the nice, brand-name cereal because we were saving money, but came home in a new red sports car.


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