Saturday, January 01, 2011

two weeks and an appendix later.

So, what's happened with me as of late?

I left Tucson in a bittersweet goodbye, saying farewell to some amazing friends. I hadn't been with Stuart that long since we were at DLI together, and seriously, it was like we hadn't been apart. I guess that's how good friends are--time may separate you, but things are just like they were once you're together again. We picked up some new faces, Caleb, Sheneka and Lauren, as well as Will, someone who became more special to me than I'd have expected. Of course, as always, this happened right before I left, so what was supposed to be a clean break was, instead, a long, drawn out and sad good-bye which leaves its mark still.

I drove from there to Austin where I hooked up with all my old friends. I stayed at Dan's house and a week of drunken debauchery ensued. The highlight, however, was the gift exchange, which wasn't so much of an exchange as a "santa-Dan" night, when he gave everyone presents he'd gotten them. I did not get anyone anything, and felt pretty bad about that. In any case, my present was beyond perfect. It was a photo of my boys, on the lake in Austin, in one of those moments that I'll never forget: sun setting, tans just showing, smiles lubricated by drink and hours and fun. Around the photo was a quotation, hand printed by Dan. It is the rare present that captures nostalgia of a moment still present.

From Austin I drove to Oklahoma to see my friend Will and his family. His boyfriend had flown out from DC as well, and when I arrived, the family was very well inebriated and enjoying the holidays. We talked and laughed and drank until everyone but Will and I went to sleep, at which point we went to the lake in the backyard and threw hoola-hoops, trying to get them to skid on the ice back to us. We jumped on the hay bales and otherwise explored the farm until we were too tired to move or drink and I crashed on the couch in preparation for my drive to Kansas. It was the perfect first night for me on a real farm.

The next morning and four hours later, I arrived in Kansas. I got a haircut and shaved and checked into work. That night, I went to a bar with some kids I had just met, had three beers, and went home. Upon arriving home, my stomach began hurting so bad, I forced myself to throw up and curled up in a fetal position on the floor. I called my mom, on the verge of tears, and told her I was hurting. She made me promise I'd go to the hospital, which I did.

Long story short, I had an emergency appendectomy. The best part was, people from work whom I'd only met once to say, "Hi, I'm CPT Harmon and I'll be working here soon," stopped by to see me. Drugged out on morphine, smelling of my own sweat, booty hanging out the back of my medical gown, I attempted to recognize and interact with them--mostly an epic fail. But, I did think, when I was capable of thought, wow--only in the Army will this many people who barely know you stop by the hospital to see you--and I like that.

So, that's a brief re-cap of the last two weeks and why I missed new years 2011. But, here's to a good year coming, and best wishes to all!


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