Monday, January 31, 2011

suicide bombers

A Californian was caught today as he attempted to blow up a large and populated church in Michigan. His motives were religiously based and he was caught by police before he was able to attempt the bombing. I am sure that like the underwear bombed and all the other guys they caught BEFORE they could do anything, the right-wingers will demand that he not be given a civil trial and that he be detained indefinitely until he confesses to collaboration and with whom.

Then again...maybe not. This guy's different.

Speaking of blowing themselves up...did anyone else see this hilariously horrible story about a Russian suicide bomber who blew herself up accidentally when the cell phone company sent her a "Happy New Years" text message? Ha! I know I shouldn't laugh, but that's hilarious...I mean, here she was thinking she's be a martyr and whatnot, and instead gets killed by spam!


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