Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Bachmann for President!

Oh wow...please tell me this is true. I can't imagine anything that would make the next elections a Democratic landslide than the idea of a Bachmann run for President or Vice President. Seriously...if we thought two years ago was a train wreck, this will make that Titanic look like a smooth sailing summer cruise.

The funny part is, the way the nomination process works, I don't think the Republican Party leadership will have any recourse. Republican grassroots have figured out how to effectively game the system to get whomever they want. It's democracy by rule of the mass and the entire reason that, rightfully or wrongly, the founders built into the system the electoral college--so that people who AREN'T political neophytes can overrule the will of the majority.

Three years ago, during the last Presidental Primaries, the Democratic Party was beholden to the will of the "Superdelegates". Who were they? They were prior Presidents and Vice Presidents, Governors, heads of state Democratic Parties etc. They are people who have been in high elected office, or run high profile statewide or collegiate parties and others--people who have shown through their experience that they understand governance. They could have, theoretically, given the nomination to Hillary instead of to Obama. They didn't, however, and things went majority rules. Many people said we should change the process to allow for things to go purely democratic, but this possible fiasco on the Republican side demonstrates why that might be a BAD idea. On the Republican side, there are no breaks built into the system for when things go off the tracks.

And let's be serious...a Palin/Bachmann ticket is, by all accounts, things going off the tracks. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on some popcorn and build a nuclear fallout shelter...one to enjoy the show, and the other in case my fellow citizens aren't as smart as I think they are.


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